Ikaria, nourishment for the soul

Ikaria, nourishment for the soul It is my last day here in Ikaria, a beautiful Greek island in the northern Aegean, named after Icarus from mythology, who fell into the surrounding sea when his wax wings melted in the sun. Ikaria is a nature lover’s paradise with its crystal blue waters, and lush hiking trails […]

Summertime recipes

Happy New Year to you all! I hope it has been a wonderful beginning to the year, filled with deliciousness, of course! January for me is a time for rest; it’s a time to reflect and plan, a time for lazy days, and long lunches with family and friends. Here are some summertime recipes to […]

Summer couscous salad

Summer is here and it is time to slow down. Dreamy summer holidays for me are all about relaxing, having lazy days, enjoying time with family and friends over long lunches that turn into dinner. Summer food includes the idea of simple cooking, and this recipe is not only simple but perfect for summer eating. […]

Langham Masterclass MF&WF

Stuffed zucchini with avgolemono 8 white (Lebanese/white) zucchini 200 grams beef mince ¾ cup medium grain rice 2 heaped tablespoons chopped parsley 1 heaped tablespoon chopped mint 1 teaspoon chopped dill 1 tablespoon tomato paste or ½ cup tomato passatta olive oil salt and pepper Avgolemono (Egg and lemon sauce) 2 eggs juice of 1 […]

mediterranean lifestyle

The Greek Mediterranean diet is not only about the food but also about the lifestyle.  The importance of this lifestyle is evident in the research into the longevity of the people of Ikaria, a Greek island in the Aegean.  This island has been known as “the island where people forget to die”. Similar studies have […]

Spanish omelette

How do you like to cook potatoes? The humble potato can be transformed into many delicious Mediterranean meals. When my children were young, one of their favourite quick meals was fried potatoes (chips) with egg…delicious on its own or accompanying a stew for a more sophisticated dish. I love the comforting combination of potato and […]

Cabbage rolls

I love these charming cabbage rolls.  I used to love helping my mother make them…they are a little fiddly, so it is nice to have someone to share the job. My mother called these cabbage rolls ‘sarma’.  I never did ask my mother why this was, but I do think this name comes from the […]

Keftethes (meatballs)

These delicious keftethes (meatballs) are perfect on a meze platter accompanied with tzatziki and fresh crusty bread. I like to add some feta cheese, olives and a Greek salad and make it a complete sharing meal. Keftethes 500 grams minced beef 2 thick slices day old bread (crusts removed) or ½ cup breadcrumbs 2 eggs […]

Time for a coffee…

In a Greek household, drinking coffee is a way of life.  As a young girl I remember my father always drinking it and my mother always making it.  I remember these days fondly, sipping coffee and chatting…these are the memories that I love so much.   2 teaspoons sugar 2 teaspoons coffee Greek coffee is […]

Homemade filo pastry

Homemade filo pastry made into delicious savoury pies (pita) is something that I love to make and am still working on mastering, the delicate and light paper thin sheets.  I remember watching my mother, who was a master at this art, pulling at the pastry from each end over a table covered with a tablecloth […]