Stuffed red peppers (Yemista)

Yemista is the term used to describe stuffed vegetables such as capsicum, tomatoes and zucchini.  These are often stuffed with the same fillings, usually rice and ground meat, and baked together.  At times you may see wedges of potatoes added amongst the vegetables to extend the dish. I love the aroma of the red peppers […]

Gourmet culinary tour of Greece

Hi Everyone, Join me  for the ultimate gourmet culinary tour to Greece in June 2014. It will be 10 glorious days of luxurious foodie indulgence, traditional Greek culture and living the Mediterranean lifestyle that we love so much. The tour begins in Athens where we will explore the Acropolis, Temple of Zeus and the Ancient […]

Spanish omelette

How do you like to cook potatoes? The humble potato can be transformed into many delicious Mediterranean meals. When my children were young, one of their favourite quick meals was fried potatoes (chips) with egg…delicious on its own or accompanying a stew for a more sophisticated dish. I love the comforting combination of potato and […]

Cabbage rolls

I love these charming cabbage rolls.  I used to love helping my mother make them…they are a little fiddly, so it is nice to have someone to share the job. My mother called these cabbage rolls ‘sarma’.  I never did ask my mother why this was, but I do think this name comes from the […]

Keftethes (meatballs)

These delicious keftethes (meatballs) are perfect on a meze platter accompanied with tzatziki and fresh crusty bread. I like to add some feta cheese, olives and a Greek salad and make it a complete sharing meal. Keftethes 500 grams minced beef 2 thick slices day old bread (crusts removed) or ½ cup breadcrumbs 2 eggs […]

Pastitso with creamy bechamel sauce

Pastitso, moussaka, avgolemeno sauces, fish stews and greek salads are considered a perfect example of traditional Greek country cooking and certainly a favourite in my home. It is probably Tsemelmentes, one of the most influential chefs of his time and whose names is still synonymous to ‘cookbook’, who recreated some of these dishes as we […]

Winter fruits

Winter brings to our kitchen table gorgeous apples, pears and quince, which I love to poach, bake or simply make compotes with.  You can experiment using your own combination of fruits, adding aromatic spices or some berries to them. Baking these elegant and delicate winter fruits is something I adore.  Perfect with roast meats such […]

Rizogalo – rice pudding

This sweet creamy rizogalo fills me with childhood memories. As a small girl I remember coming home from school and finding small plates filled with rizogalo lined up on the kitchen bench, still hot and sprinkled with aromatic cinnamon.  There was always enough for that afternoon eaten warm and another for the next day, cold […]


Cloves are small nail-like shaped flower buds that are dried…they have an aromatic sweet flavor, and can be bought whole or ground and are available all year round.   Ground cloves are commonly used in baking, and whole cloves flavouring sauces. I love using cloves when stewing fruits such as apples and quince, making preserves, in […]

Time for a coffee…

In a Greek household, drinking coffee is a way of life.  As a young girl I remember my father always drinking it and my mother always making it.  I remember these days fondly, sipping coffee and chatting…these are the memories that I love so much.   2 teaspoons sugar 2 teaspoons coffee Greek coffee is […]

Quince spoon sweet

One of my favourite spoon sweets is the one made with quince. The quince is not normally eaten raw as they are hard, too tart and not very pleasant.  However, once cooked and sweetened it transforms into a beautiful red color, and becomes, I think, irresistible. The spoon sweet is not the only way to […]

Soups to nourish the soul

I have a great love for the rustic soups of Greece.  They are usually simply prepared with few good quality ingredients but always nourishing and flavoursome. There are many varieties of soup in the Greek kitchen, ranging from hearty bean soups to my favourite, the soothing flavours of an avgolemono soup. For me, a bowl […]

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there. For those of you who would like to make something sweet for your mother today why not try my Galahtoboureko…it is my all time  favourite dessert, delicious and simple. Here is my recipe…enjoy. Mary x  

Homemade filo pastry

Homemade filo pastry made into delicious savoury pies (pita) is something that I love to make and am still working on mastering, the delicate and light paper thin sheets.  I remember watching my mother, who was a master at this art, pulling at the pastry from each end over a table covered with a tablecloth […]

Join me for a magical foodie tour to Greece

Hi Everyone, Join me  for the ultimate gourmet foodie tour to Greece. It will be 10 glorious days of luxurious foodie indulgence, traditional Greek culture and living the Mediterranean lifestyle that we love so much. The tour begins in Athens where we will explore the Acropolis, Temple of Zeus and the Ancient Agora.  We will […]

Baking tsourekia

It is days like today that stir up so many emotions.  I am baking tsourekia and the house is filled with exotic aromas of mahlepi.  I am always so surprised, and really shouldn’t be, as to how something as simple as baking or a taste or smell can take you back to another place and […]

Red eggs for Easter

Red eggs for Easter are dyed on Holy today I bought a packet of red powdered dye and some eggs ready for tomorrow mornings ritual of dying the eggs. My mother loved to decorate a few of the eggs using a leaf from her garden and using it as a stencil.  She would place […]

Getting ready for Easter

It is Holy week this week and the Easter preparations will begin soon.  In traditional Greek homes, eggs will be dyed red, and koulouria (Easter biscuits) and tsourekia (Easter bread) will be made on Thursday.   Holy Saturday is for the making of the mayeritsa (Easter soup) and then of course Easter Sunday is an all-day […]

Green beans casserole

Ladera are the dishes that the Greeks eat during periods of fasting when all meat and dairy products are not eaten. Of course, that is not to say that they are not eaten at other times. They are always vegetarian dishes cooked with olive oil and usually tomatoes, garlic and herbs. The word ladera comes […]