Stuffed red peppers (Yemista)

Yemista is the term used to describe stuffed vegetables such as capsicum, tomatoes and zucchini.  These are often stuffed with the same fillings, usually rice and ground meat, and baked together.  At times you may see wedges of potatoes added amongst the vegetables to extend the dish. I love the aroma of the red peppers […]

Gourmet culinary tour of Greece

Hi Everyone, Join me  for the ultimate gourmet culinary tour to Greece in June 2014. It will be 10 glorious days of luxurious foodie indulgence, traditional Greek culture and living the Mediterranean lifestyle that we love so much. The tour begins in Athens where we will explore the Acropolis, Temple of Zeus and the Ancient […]

Spanish omelette

How do you like to cook potatoes? The humble potato can be transformed into many delicious Mediterranean meals. When my children were young, one of their favourite quick meals was fried potatoes (chips) with egg…delicious on its own or accompanying a stew for a more sophisticated dish. I love the comforting combination of potato and […]