Getting ready for Easter

It is Holy week this week and the Easter preparations will begin soon.  In traditional Greek homes, eggs will be dyed red, and koulouria (Easter biscuits) and tsourekia (Easter bread) will be made on Thursday.   Holy Saturday is for the making of the mayeritsa (Easter soup) and then of course Easter Sunday is an all-day […]

Green beans casserole

Ladera are the dishes that the Greeks eat during periods of fasting when all meat and dairy products are not eaten. Of course, that is not to say that they are not eaten at other times. They are always vegetarian dishes cooked with olive oil and usually tomatoes, garlic and herbs. The word ladera comes […]

Greek Orthodox Easter

Greek Orthodox Easter is not far now, only three weeks away. It is a time of fasting, and the Lenten begins on Clean Monday, which is seven weeks before Easter. The purpose of fasting is to cleanse the body and spirit. During this fasting, you abstain from foods that contain red blood, meat, poultry, milk, […]

Spinach and Risoni

It is already April and I can hardly believe it.   Summer is over and autumn is well and truly here…crisp mornings, glorious day and time to bring out the cardi.    The autumn kitchen also begins to change from barbeques and salads to bowls of soup, slow cooked meats and casseroles. Autumn in Melbourne is my […]